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Once this is done, you will have all the required drivers on your PC.

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The Sixaxis Pair Tool is a Windows application for creating a connection between your PlayStation3 DualShock or Sixaxis controller and your mobile phone or tablet PC running Android.Using a Dualshock 3 on the PC is similar to using any other third party USB controller on your computer.Up until now I have been using a program called motionjoy for the ds3 drivers, but the recently it started to cause BSoD on my computer.

Controller Mobile for Ps3 Ps4 PC XBX360 - New Pro Free This New Emulator for all Console game is an application to control your console game system from your smartphone.Sony has passed through a new update for the Windows PC version of the PS Now application, now enabling users to use their DualShock 3 controllers with full functionality.

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So some time ago when I started playing DayZ, I decided to connect my PS3 controller to my PC.

Pairing a DS3 to your Bluetooth Dongle - plug in the DS3 to USB while the Service is running, the DS3 will be automatically paired if required.Driver for Dualshock 3 Lately I have been getting a lot of games that I want to play with a controller and I love using my dualshock 3 on my computer.The recommended Speed Up Settings when using a DualShock 3 Controller with a Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter are as above - you can choose to tweak with them if you have any issues.

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The DualShock 3 (model: CECHZC2) was released in mid 2008 to replace the previous SixAxis controllers.Download MotioninJoy 0.7.1001. Use your Playstation 3 controller on your computer.

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Steam, the most popular PC gaming portal, offers native controller support for the DualShock 4.The Dualshock 3 is neither the toughest nor the easiest to use on PC.Released mid 2008, the six-axis lithium battery powered controller (CECHZC2) is straightforward to repair.Once you link up your PS3 controller to your bluetooth adapter, your wiimote will no longer work.

Now plug in your DualShock 3 via USB and click the Pair Now button when your DualShock 3 is connected via usb, once paired you can unplug it from the USB and go back to the Profile page and then select the Xbox 360 Controller emulator and test the vibration on it to check it is connected.Now you can connect your DualShock 3 controller via bluetooth and usb to your PC, and its simply and easy, dont matter what type of system you have x64 or x86 and it even works in Windows 7.In the Choose DualShock 3 pull-down menu, find and select the DualShock 3 driver.

Like the Xbox One controller, you can use your DualShock 4 controller to play PC games on your computer.While the ScpToolkit circumvents most of the issues users may face when using the DualShock 3 on their PC, there may be errors during the installation process.

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Very useful since alot of PC games these days support the 360 pad.

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DualShock 3 Repair and support for the controllers that shipped with the PS3.

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The PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller is a gorgeous gaming remote.Well, today we have two methods to connect your PS4 Controller to PC and to put it with the different method, it works the same as the Steam Controller.

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Select the checkbox of your controller and then click Install all.

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Oh, well, before this, there was this way to get your SIXAXIS working on your PC.

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Pairing a DS4 to your Bluetooth Dongle - plug in the DS4 to USB while the Service is running, the DS4 will be automatically paired if required.It includes all of the features of Sixaxis, but also includes vibration support.

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Being a big fan of game controllers, just as soon as I bought a laptop with a discrete, gaming-capable graphics card, I started looking around for a solution that would allow me to easily connect my PS3 DualShock 3 controller to it.

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Sony’s DualShock 4 is an absolutely fantastic game controller, and thankfully you can indeed connect it to your PC running Windows 10 to play games.If you also plan to use a DualShock 4 or Bluetooth dongle to activate the wireless game, select it as well.I like the feel of it, the stick movements, the button presses.

The Dualshock 3 is an upgraded version of the Sixaxis, the original controller for the PlayStation 3.This is why the intuitive gameplay experience turns out to be amazing through PS3 controller on PC for hour long gaming sessions.However, the DualShock 3 can connect to a PC via USB without an adapter and all it requires to work is some extra software.

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So i made a video unboxing and reviewing the Logitech K360 Wireless.