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Twilight was almost to the Crystal Empire Library when she ran straight into Shining Armor.You can make her up to look her best with the shoes, wings, glasses, and jewelry.

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Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony All fairies are partying in the twilight tonight.They watched horror movies, drank and ate a lot of tasty food and played fun games.Pinkie Pie is the head of the party planning committee at Canterlot High School.

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Featuring Twilight Sparkle, this 3-D pendant necklace displays love for your favorite My Little Pony.

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You will be the friendship champ with this amazing Midnight Sparkle.You can color Twilight Sparkle with your enchanting colors at home or color her picture with the interactive coloring machine online.Find great deals on eBay for twilight necklace and twilight jewelry.

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Find beautiful designs on our great selection of high quality printed Heart Charm Necklaces.

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Our collection of My Little Pony games is filled with adorable Hasbro dolls and TV show characters.

Prince Twilight Sparkle is the little royal pony that really understands the magic of friendly.

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Miniatures refined, the Twilight lariat necklace takes the charming collection into new heights.Princess Celestia first appeared in a boxed set with Twilight Sparkle, Spike the Dragon, Pinkie Pie and Applejack.This heart pendant was inspired by Sparkle cutie mark from My Little Pony.

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This would be a great piece to complete any cosplay or a subtle display of fandom.When your little one gets this Magical Twilight Sparkle, the adventures they take part in will.

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Give your little one their favorite My Little Pony character, Twilight Sparkle, on a pendant necklace.

Sing a lot, and try to get a necklace of some sort that has a jewel on it (preferably red).

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In the colors of twilight, this three-crystal necklace is delicate, dainty, and utterly beautiful.Twilight Sparkle Beaded Necklace is a quick and easy project and can be stitched with any weight of yarn and any kind of beads, so the possibilities are completely endless.

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Find great deals on eBay for twilight jewelry and twilight saga jewelry.

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Twilight Sparkle (originally Princess Celestia) possesses the element of magic.This fashionable Midnight Sparkle has amazing wings and a stylish outfit, and she is going to use both to win the Friendship Games.